Nia Sharma is not getting offers in acting, said – everything has stopped for me, sometimes it feels bad

Actress Nia Sharma started her acting career with TV in 2010. TV shows like ‘Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai’, ‘Jamai Raja’, ‘Ishq Mein Marjawan’ and ‘Naagin 4’ made her one of the top actresses of the small screen. But Nia Sharma is away from acting for the last 2 years and fans are eagerly waiting for her. Nia Sharma was last seen in ‘Naagin 4’ in 2020. After this she has appeared in several web series and music videos. Nia Sharma has told why she is still away from acting and what is the problem in getting offers.

Nia Sharma is currently in discussion about her music video ‘Haran’. Recently, during its promotion, he talked about the reason behind staying away from acting in an interview given to ‘Bollywood Bubble’. Many people feel that Nia Sharma has taken a break from acting. but it’s not like that. According to Nia, she has not taken a break from acting.

Nia said – I am a beggar, I want work, want money

Nia Sharma said, ‘We are not those people who will take a break. I am not in that position yet. I am still a beggar, who needs work, who needs money. I can never say that I need a break. I will never need a break in life. I need a job.’

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Nia’s pain – this wait sometimes becomes years
Although Nia Sharma said that she would like to work in a good project, even if she has to wait for it. And that wait is sometimes for you 6 months, sometimes it takes years and sometimes it takes four years. This is very unfortunate. Sometimes I feel very bad.’

Makers do not call again after asking Nia about money
Nia Sharma told that she has not given any audition for a long time. She said, ‘I feel like there is a break. Nor have I given any audition for a long time. Whenever I get a call for any offer, they first ask for money and then after that the call does not come again. Auditions are a long way off. Everything has stopped for me now. Whenever, whenever I get some big offer, I will accept it.


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