Priyanka Gandhi said – People are alive in democracy, demands accounts from leaders, decide their accountability

Before the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, big leaders of all the parties are engaged in rallying. In this connection, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi reached her in-laws’ house in Moradabad on Thursday. Here he addressed a huge rally.

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Before the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, big leaders of all the parties are engaged in rallying. In this connection, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi reached her in-laws’ house in Moradabad on Thursday. Here he addressed a huge rally. In the beginning of her address, Priyanka said, ‘Welcome all of you to my in-laws’ house. In-laws, I apologize that I have come after a long time. You guys supported my family a lot. My father-in-law came here after partition and made a future for himself and his family. Moradabad was known for brass. Earlier there was talk of developing this city. Earlier loan was available here, tax was waived. Where are the circumstances today? Earlier, 8000 crores were exported, that has decreased. 3 lakh people lost their jobs.

Priyanka Gandhi while attacking the Modi government at the Center said that the black money you told before demonetisation will come back. Then GST was imposed. Artisan’s daily wage halved, diesel became expensive. On the other hand, China progressed but the infrastructure was not strengthened here.

The Congress General Secretary further said that you made a city with your blood and sweat, but this government makes a dark city. The budget of the household is ruined by inflation. 22 lakh youth worked hard but the tat paper got leaked. Then the recruitment stopped. More than 10 lakh posts are lying vacant. Yogi ji says that there are jobs here but the qualification is less among the youth. Here people tell that children are B.Tech, have ITI but do not get employment anywhere. He said, ‘The industrialist has been trying to meet Yogi ji for four years, but Yogi ji is not being found. In Uttar Pradesh politics is based on communalism. They know that elections will come, they will ask for votes in the name of religion and will leave after winning. I say that till there is no talk of development, the mafia will continue. Here there is a mafia in everything. How will you change this situation? The leader will stand on the stage and talk nonsense because he knows that he is not accountable. Congress party will fight this election in the name of development. We will fulfill our promises.’

Priyanka also targeted the central government regarding the farmers’ movement. While addressing the rally, Priyanka said that 700 farmers were martyred during the farmers movement but the Prime Minister did not keep silence for a minute. No discussion took place. While Ajay Mishra Teni was on stage in Lucknow with Modi ji. Priyanka said, ‘I have met many families in a colony of Lucknow. Children from families who work hard to educate their children are unemployed. There is politics based on communalism in UP, that is why the CM did not give time to meet the businessmen. We are waiting for the election time, we will talk if the election comes. Unless votes are cast on the basis of development, the responsibility will not be fixed. Mafia of land, Mafia of river, Mafia of sand, Mafia of education, Mafia of education is a blessing, not a mafia of breath. As long as you remain in the circle of this politics, no change is going to happen. The biggest responsibility is yours, you make the leaders responsible, show them it will not work. Congress party wants to fight this election only and only on the basis of development. We have taken a pledge that we will provide 20 lakh jobs. We will set up industry and business in every district. In Chhattisgarh, the government is buying 2500 quintals of paddy. A lot has come out of the farmers’ movement. When you make up your mind, stay adamant, the government has to bow down. For those martyr farmers, PM did not stay silent for 2 minutes in Parliament. The laws that were repealed were not discussed for 2 minutes.

Referring to the Lakhimpur Kheri incident, Priyanka Gandhi said that the son of Modi’s minister crushed the farmers. But not a word came out of the mouth of both the PM and CM for the farmers. Not only this, when the PM goes to Lucknow, the minister shares the stage with him. Farmers say that as long as he remains on the post of minister, farmers will not get justice. The farmers told us not to want money, sister, justice is needed for the son. The talk has emerged from the farmers movement, recognize that power is in your hands. There is still sugarcane payment of 4000 crores left. The airplane in which PM Narendra Modi roams is worth eight thousand crores. 20000 crores can be spent in the beautification of Parliament but can not give anything for you, it is said that there is no money. Today farmers are dying in the lines of fertilizers. Diesel prices are skyrocketing, farmers are not getting MSP.

Congress General Secretary also mentioned Moradabad. He said, ‘This is a city where there is industry, you all know what is the rate of electricity? You were told that your city will be made smart but the only thing is smart meters. I stand with you, I want to take you forward, women will get 40% tickets. I go to the houses of women where women are raped, they are exploited, they are being crushed, no one is saying anything, it is all in the advertisements. The question is, how will the woman who fights for you all move forward? It doesn’t matter if she loses this time, will be strong and win next time.

Priyanka asked the women whether you want to fight for yourself or do you want to suffer atrocities. Who is Scooty for whom is the mobile phone for you. Those who do politics on caste, religion and fraternity, all will be destroyed, be strong, fight for yourself, no one will fight for you. Priyanka Gandhi enthused the women and said that speak loudly, I am a girl, I can fight. He told what the Congress is going to do for the people of the state if it wins the elections. Priyanka told that it has been decided for the farmers that the loan will be waived and it has been decided for everyone that the electricity bill will be half. If you asked for oxygen in Corona, then the government went after you and did not help you. The business of the poor small businessmen has decreased, we want them to stand on their feet again. We want to help them all, want to give them ₹25000. If our government comes, we will provide free treatment up to Rs 10 lakh. Will make old widow pension of thousand rupees and decide reservation for women in whatever jobs are there. Listen, people are alive in a democracy. I have a complaint with you that you don’t ask for accounts from your leaders. Arun Balmiki family was kept in lock-up for three-four days in Agra.

Describing the Hathras incident, Priyanka said that a Dalit poor girl is raped there and the police administration burns her pyre. Even his parents are not allowed to attend his last rites. The Chief Minister remains silent, why don’t you accept the account. What did not tell the farmers what the anti-national agitators, now when the election comes, they are saying forgive me. Why are you forgiving, asking for justice, whose families are connected in Corona, have you asked for an account? Change the relationship with political parties and their leaders, ask them for their accounts and demands. The Congress leader also targeted the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party. He said that those who are being called the main opposition are not setting the agenda of development. Casteism and hooliganism in the SP government and loot in the BSP government. You have heard the new slogan of Samajwadi – Akhilesh is coming. There was atrocities against people all over the state, there was atrocities, I want to ask, did Akhilesh ji come? Women were tortured in Unnao and Hathras, they were burnt, did Akhilesh come? Farmers were tortured in the farmers movement, they were crushed under the jeep, did Akhilesh come? If not, then why are you coming now at the time of elections. His party and why is he suddenly becoming active during elections?

Published: 02 Dec 2021, 5:24 PM


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