KBC 13: Sahil Ahirwar missed answering this question of 7 crores, know what is the correct answer

In the October 21 episode of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati 13’, Sahil Aditya Ahirwar of Madhya Pradesh sat on the hot seat and won Rs 1 crore playing a wonderful game. Sahil became the second contestant after Himani Bundela to win an amount of one crore.

Sahil Aditya also joked a lot with Amitabh Bachchan along with the game. Let us inform that 19-year-old Sahil Ahirwar is currently preparing for UPSC. His dream is to become an IAS. Sahil also told the story of his struggle in ‘KBC 13’. He told that his father works as a guard. Sahil told that at present his salary is 15 thousand and it becomes difficult to survive in it.

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Amitabh praised Sahil Ahirwar’s game. Using all the four lifelines, Sahil manages to win Rs 1 crore. But on the question of Rs 7 crore, he quits the game. Amitabh Bachchan asked Sahil a question related to biology for crores. Since Sahil Ahirwar did not know the correct answer, he quit.

The question that was asked to Sahil Aditya Ahirwar for 7 crores was:

Which is the only bird with a digestive system that ferments vegetation as bovine and is able to eat exclusively leaves and buds?
A. Shobil Cranes
B. Hotzina
C. Shovel
D. Galapagos Cormorant

The correct answer was ‘B’.


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