Journey from ‘Chinta to Assurance’ anti-Covid-19 vaccination campaign: Modi

New Delhi, October 22 (Agency)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday described India’s anti-COVID-19 vaccination campaign as a journey from “Chinta to Assurance” which made the country stronger. He attributed this success to people’s faith in vaccines despite ‘various attempts to create distrust and panic’. A day after the number of doses of anti-Covid-19 vaccines administered in the country so far crossed the 100 crore mark, Prime Minister Modi said in an article that the achievement was achieved in nine months despite many doubting the country’s capability. . The Prime Minister said that his government has ensured that like other schemes, there is no ‘VIP culture’ in the vaccination campaign i.e. VIPs (VIPs) are not given preference. The Prime Minister credited Indian scientists and entrepreneurs for making the country “self-reliant” by manufacturing vaccines. At the same time, he said that pressure was also being made by different groups to give them priority in vaccination.

Underlining how enormous the challenge was, from manufacturing the vaccines at the Pune and Hyderabad plants to ensuring their seamless distribution across the country, Modi said the campaign has been an unprecedented effort in the history of independent India. In an article titled ‘Team India-Responding to Adversity with Achievement’, Modi wrote that nothing is impossible when everyone takes the responsibility. Our health workers cross mountains and rivers in difficult geographical areas to vaccinate people. Our youth, social workers, health workers, social and religious leaders, all go to the credit of the fact that there was less hesitation about vaccination in India as compared to developed countries. He said that the journey of delivering 100 crore doses of anti-COVID-19 vaccines in just nine months after the introduction of vaccination has been amazing. Modi emphasized that humanity is facing such a huge global pandemic after 100 years and no one knew much about the virus before the outbreak in 2020. Modi said India’s vaccination campaign is an example of what a goal the country can reach if citizens and the government work together in the spirit of “people’s participation”.

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