‘I was lying on the bed crying, pleading’, the producer had fraudulently shot the lesbian scene with Urfi Javed

Actress Urfi Javed, who came into the limelight from ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, is getting a lot of discussion these days for her fashionable and different style clothes. Even though Urfi remains the target of some people on social media due to her dress, but to reach here, she had to struggle a lot. The family was conservative and there was no freedom to do anything openly, so Urfi Javed ran away from home and came to Mumbai.

Urfi had neither money nor a roof to hide his head to live in Mumbai. There was no godfather who could get him work in the industry or give him a break. Due to this Urfi had to struggle a lot. But at that time, Urfi Javed was blown away when a producer intimidated him to do a bold scene in a web series and threatened to send him to jail if he refused.

Urfi Javed in an interview to ETimes TV talked about his career, struggle, financial crisis and the incident of running away from home and told how he faced it all. But one incident took him to his senses. This was when Urfi Javed was new in the industry and was starting her career.

‘Producer forced her to do lesbian scene’

I was doing a web series and at that time the producer said that suggestive scenes have to be done. When she went to the set the next day, the producer got the scene done in a strange way. The scene was of a brother-in-law. He was looking at me and the producer forced him to make that scene a touching scene. The producer started telling the hero to pick up the sari, its underwear should be visible. Then I realized that the producer has played a game with me. Then he got me to do a full blown lesbian scene.

‘Producer was threatening – I will send you to jail’
Urfi further said, ‘I was crying lying on the bed. Was joining hands that don’t get me to do it. I will not. But that producer was constantly threatening me that you have signed the contract. I’ll send you to jail. I was new at that time. I didn’t understand what I was doing.

Urfi Javed had run away from home, had a bad childhood

When asked about running away from home, Urfi Javed said, “In that young age, I had no choice but to run away from home. If I had, I would never have run away from my house. I would have been wasting my father’s money if I had the option. The only option was to show courage and earn. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy sitting at home? But I didn’t have such facility. I did not have money, so I kept doing whatever small work I got to survive. But my childhood has been worse than it was for children. I would still say that I studied well and ran away from home. Not everyone gets such an opportunity.

That’s why decided to run away from home
When asked why he had decided to run away from home? Urfi Javed said, ‘I wanted to be an inspiration for girls. When they are asked to learn to cook, what will happen in the in-laws’ house after marriage? You should be like this. It should remain so. I wanted those girls to tell their parents that they saw Urfi Javed and wanted to live their life like him.

Because of this, Urfi Javed became a rebel, took this decision

Urfi further said, ‘I belong to a conservative Muslim family and there girls are told that they should not have any voice. I come from a family where only girls’ marriage is thought of. I was not allowed to speak in front of men. Always asked to wear full clothes. Clothing that covers from head to toe. Seeing all these things, I became a rebel. But when she ran away from home she was very happy. I was enjoying freedom. Before that, I didn’t even know that girls can come out of the house even after 5 o’clock in the evening. Can go for lunch or dinner. Didn’t know that I can wear clothes according to my choice.

suffered a lot of rejection

Urfi Javed always wanted to become an actress. But since she was from a conservative family, it seemed that she would never be able to become an actress. But somewhere there was a need for money, which made her an actress. But Urfi had to face a lot of rejections.


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