Phone locked at function .. I cried after doing so .. Chinmayi sensational comments on Shahrukh Khan


  • Chinmayi Melody Song on Chennai Express
  • King Khan praises Singer
  • Chinmayi comments on the work done by Shah Rukh

Singer Chinmayi recently posted a series of tweets. In it, Chennai Express remembered the days of cinema. Chinmayi remembers the melody song sung in it, the praise Shah Rukh gave for the song, and all the work that Shah Rukh did in the audio function. Chinmayi is also worried about the current situation facing the Shah Rukh family.

‘It happened many years ago. I sang the title song in the movie Chennai Express .. At that time a superstar tagged my name and praised me as Padav wonderfully. He is the only star hero who admires me for doing so. He said great things about my song, my voice everywhere. At that time I was laughing on one side .. crying on the other side. All this was also noticed by our mother. She tweeted at length about everything that caught my attention. Thanks to him. Because I don’t say all such things out loud.

I went to the Chennai Express audio launch. He memorized every word word to word in a long note written by our mother. He said to ask our mom. A few hours after the cut .. I tell everyone boy. You told me you wanted to talk to your saleswoman. I thought he was joking.

He snatched my phone .. He called our seller. Talked for about 15 minutes. Our mother made us feel like there were no great people in this world. My phone was given back to me. Arrived in Chennai a few days later. Even though there were many people there, our mother came and planted her legs and took her blessing.

Our mom, I was so happy that day. He is very good. Are superstars so great? Thought. He doesn’t have to do all that work. But did. We will always remember those moments with him. Whatever it is .. the hardships he and his family are facing now must go away soon. This is a tweet from him. He replied to my tweet. ‘ Chinmayi said at the end what she was saying about Shahrukh Khan.


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