Bigg Boss 15: Maisha questions Ishaan’s sexuality, actor reveals shocking

In ‘Bigg Boss 15’, Ishaan Sehgal and Misha Iyer are currently in the discussion about their relationship. But recently there was a misunderstanding between Misha and Ishaan on one thing. Maisha and Ishaan fell in love in the very first week of the Bigg Boss house and even proposed to each other in the third week. But now there are trust issues between them. Recently, Misha asked Ishaan something that made him angry.

Ishaan tries to sort out their differences with Misha. In the meantime, Maisha asks Ishaan about the incident, when Ishaan told her that she would go out so she might hear something wrong or negative about him. But Ishaan refuses to tell. But when Misha insists, Ishaan makes a revelation about the ex-girlfriend. Ishaan reveals this when Maisha asks him if he is bisexual.

Ishaan said – he was threatening to ruin me

Ishaan assures Misha that he is not the wrong man for her. He then narrates the story of a friend and says that he can also be a friend of Misha. Ishaan says, ‘He was threatening to ruin my reputation and reputation. He was also threatening to publish negative articles about me before entering the Bigg Boss house. So I had to play with him to hold myself. Everyone does this at some point or another. That’s how it goes. Such people have to work with such people.

‘Do you think I’m bisexual?’
Ishaan further said, ‘He was creating problems. That’s why I said that when we go out of the show, maybe he should try to create the scene. I don’t have any scenes, but he creates a big scene. I don’t know if he is your friend or not. Do you think I’m bisexual? He was playing with me.

Revealed about ex-girlfriend
Ishaan Sehgal further told that there was a time when he could not meet the ex-girlfriend as he used to go to the hotel every night. Ishaan told that then one night things became unbearable and both of them had a lot of fighting. Then the ex-girlfriend threatened Ishaan and said, ‘I will see how you get work. Ishaan said, ‘Besides there is only one person, from whom you can get to hear negative things about me.’

After hearing all this, Misha tells Ishaan that she will never talk about this issue again, just promise that it will never happen again.


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