It is okay to have cold and cough, then eat hot and hot curry

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Generally from the month of October, the weather starts getting cold, due to which we suffer from cold-cough, cold and fever. On consulting doctors, he says that this is a seasonal disease, it will be cured soon, you take this medicine. Some people get relief quickly by taking medicine, but there are some who take at least 7 to 10 days to recover. During this time, we keep adopting new experiments to recover, but even after doing so much, cold, cough, sneezing etc. are not cured for 8-10 days. Due to this, the family members and you keep getting troubled by this disease. There is an easy home remedy to overcome this disease, by doing which you can get rid of it soon. This remedy is to consume hot curry. By drinking this one gets rid of this disease very soon.

Many types of vegetables are also used in it to make the curry taste and healthy. Kadhi contains vitamins and minerals and is also good for the functions and growth of the body. This dish also contains protein, calcium, phosphorus. Kadhi is rich in iron and protein, which is a great combo to increase hemoglobin. Kadhi is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorous, vitamins and minerals. Due to which curry helps a lot in improving the functions and growth of the body.

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Web Title-Hot and hot curry will cure your cold and cough, you will be healthy soon


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