CWC counts the failures of Modi government in the political resolution, calls for saving the country in a democratic way

The security threat has increased in other parts of the country, especially in Assam, Nagaland and Mizoram. Inter-state disputes are on the rise, which has created fear among the people, especially those living in the border areas. The Naga peace talks have suffered a setback due to the policies of the Modi government.

There has been a huge increase in drug smuggling in the country. The seizure of 3,000 kg of heroin at Gujarat’s Adani Port and reports that a huge amount of drugs have been smuggled into the country is worrying and proof that this illegal business is being encouraged under the Modi government. Used to be.

The continuous decline in the country’s economy is a cause of great concern. In 2020-21, the Modi government talked of a V-shape recovery after the economy fell sharply. But all the indicators show that every sector is going through a crisis. The jobs and jobs that have been lost in the era of recession and pandemic have not yet recovered. The small and medium businesses that have been closed during this period have not opened yet. Millions of families have been hit by a double whammy of livelihood and inflation.


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