Workload stress is increasing in the office, follow this method to solve it

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Shyam returned home from his office after a long time. His wife noticed that her always cheerful husband was constantly worried and tensed for the past one week. Today he courageously asked Shyam before sleeping what is the matter, since last one week you are looking very worried and upset. After listening to his wife, Shyam remained silent for some time and then said that the work in the office has increased. I do not understand what to do. The work is not being completed on time.
Workload (increasing work load) in the office also brings with it stress. To reduce this stress, one has to first understand the workload and prevent it from increasing. Why is the workload increasing, is it only with you in the office, there is a need to understand it first. After knowing the reason for this, decide the priority of your work and work by planning. Experts say that due to increasing workload, stress starts dominating the body in many ways.
impact of workload
The impact of long-term workloads makes a difference in two ways. Short term and long term.
short term-Fatigue gradually increases due to the stress of workload. Indra starts complaining. This makes a difference in your family, friends and social circle. There is a change in behavior.
long term-Overeating under long term stress and anxiety. The result is weight gain. There is an increased risk of many types of disorders. That’s why learning to manage the workload is very important.

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Web Title-Workload stress is increasing in the office, follow this method to solve it


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