Bigg Boss 15, 14 Oct Promo: Vishal cheated on Karan Kundrra, now he will retaliate like this

Karan Kundrra did not even think that Vishal Kotian, whom he considers as a friend, would stab him in the back. When Karan Kundra came to know about Vishal’s deception, the ground slipped under his feet. Actually, a task was given to the forest dwellers in Bigg Boss, in which the winner will get a chance to go to the main house of Bigg Boss. The operator of this task is made by Shamita Shetty. Karan Kundrra shares the strategy with Vishal Kotian, he goes and tells Shamita and takes her into his confidence.

Shamita declares Vishal’s team as the winner during the task, while Karan’s team is winning. Seeing this, Karan is unable to understand where what happened, who did the treachery, due to which he lost. When he comes to know about Vishal Kotian, he is very sad.

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The makers have released the promo of the upcoming episode (Bigg Boss 15, 14 Oct promo), in which Karan Kundrra is questioning Vishal about his deception. Later he plans to play the game with Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant Bhatt. He throws Vishal out of his group.

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Nishant tells Prateek that he cannot trust Vishal. He is very smart. Prateek also agrees with this. But Shamita says that she has faith in Vishal as he has given her his tongue. But the treachery in the task escalates the fight. On this, Karan also counters Shamita and challenges her. Nishant Bhatt, on the other hand, tells Karan Kundra that Vishal had told him that if Vishal and Tejashwi come to the main house, the forest dwellers will never be able to make a map.

When Karan comes to know about this, he breaks down. But Karan says that it is good that he has just seen the real face of Vishal. He now decides to form his own group and play along with Nishant and Prateek Sahajpal.


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