Awards will one day be free from gender discrimination: Bhumi Pednekar

MUMBAI: Actress Bhumi Pednekar has pitched for making award ceremonies gender-neutral (free from gender discrimination). They believe that if not today or tomorrow, we too can reach the milestone of gender-neutral awards! His reasoning behind the idea of ​​making award ceremonies gender-neutral is that this is what is happening in award ceremonies all over the world today. Recently, Maren Eggert has been awarded the Gender-Neutral Acting Award for the first time during the Berlin Film Festival. The new award means that now both male and female actors are being given awards not separately but on the basis of their superior performance in the same category. The Gotham Awards announced that their Best Actor and Best Actress awards together will be presented in the Lead-Performance category at a ceremony beginning in November of this year. It has been announced by Emmy that, from 2021 onwards, the trophy for acting will be given to the actor or; actress; Instead, the term performer will be used which is gender-neutral, even if those awards are linked to different gender competitions. On the lines of the Berlin Festival, the Venice Film Festival is also preparing for gender-neutral awards.

Bhumi says, “Over the past year, it has been great to see that gender-based awards are being gradually phased out in all award functions. From our point of view too, if we write strong roles for female and other genders in films, we can reach gender-neutral awards if not today or tomorrow!’ He said, “An artist should be identified by his work, and should not be seen through the lens of a particular gender. I think we are all artists and we can do our bit to bring about equality. Bhumi believes that calling all actors performers is a step in the right direction. She says, ‘We all know that we live in a non-inner world and I think such a move will promote solidarity. This will be a great step towards seeing people of all genders from one point of view. It is time for us to break this barrier between genders, and enjoy performances based on their skills and abilities without looking at the actors through the prism of gender.

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