Britney Spears said freed from her father’s ‘conservatorship’ – I cried for two hours last night

Los Angeles. Pop singer Britney Spears on Tuesday thanked her fans and supporters for being freed from her father Jamie Spears’ 13-year conservatorship. Under US law, the court can appoint a ‘guardian’ to an elderly or physically and mentally unwell person to handle his daily and economic affairs, this arrangement is called ‘conservatorship’.

Jamie was given a conservatorship in 2008 when Brittany was suffering from mental problems. Then the responsibility of taking care of their children was also taken away from Brittany. Britney thanked her fans after being freed from her father’s ‘conservatorship’.

Britney wrote on Instagram, ‘I have no words for the Free Britney movement. Because of you people and because of your constant efforts, today I got free from the Conservatorship. Now my life is going in the right direction. Last night I cried for two hours, my fans and I know the reason. I can hear your heart’s voice and you can hear my voice. This is true.’

On September 29, a California court removed Jamie Spears from the Conservatorship. Whether it should be removed completely or not will be heard on November 12.


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