Vijay Devarakonda comments on ‘Love Story’


  • Vijay Devarakonda, the theater owner
  • New theater opens with Love Story
  • The hero is full of joy as the house becomes full

Vijay Devarakonda is going with a good plan. It seems to follow the adage of tidying up the house while the lamp is on. Entering into all business while still in good form. He is using the craze he has. So Rowdy jumped into the clothing business with brands. It was a great success. And now he has entered the theater business. As Mahesh Babu started AMB with Asians .. Now Vijay Devarakonda has also opened a new theater.

AVD (Asian Vijay Devarakonda) built a multiplex in his hometown Mahabubnagar. Theater construction work has been going on since last year. However it was delayed by the corona. Vijay Devarakonda is starting his theater with a good movie overall. During the release of Love Story tomorrow .. AVD has been prepared.

However, Vijay Devarakonda said that the love story bookings were full on all the three screens and that the house was full. But is this the craze of Vijay Devarakonda Theater? Or the craze over love story? That aside .. everyone is happy that the house is full after so many days. It is known that many people are eagerly waiting to see the movie Love Story as a whole.


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