Valimai Glimpse: Touch Ego! .. Ajith, Karthikeyan in horror

Little is being said about the expectations on H Entertainment’s upcoming film produced by Bonnie Kapoor with Tala Kumar as the hero. Everyone knows about Ajith’s craze as a bike racer. Chitraunit has recently shown how it is like riding a bike in Gallo by doing strange stunts with such Ajith. Ajit’s stunts in Glimpses, which he left a while ago, hooked everyone. He also impressed everyone. Looks like he’s going to be in a head-scratching role. Arjun now touches my ego .. Karthikeyan says .. The dialogue where Ajith says that my game has ever started is gone. More action sequences than dialogues surprise everyone. All bike racing also took place in Gallo. Looks like all the action sequences are going to be on a Hollywood level as well. Ajith’s dialogue at the end of Glimps that it is going to be too big is gone. The makers have officially announced that the film will land in the wallpaper ring next year. All in all it looks like there is going to be a box office fair next year in Kollywood. This year Dalpati Vijay shook the box office with his master movie. And it looks like Ajith is going to dust off next year.


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