Keto Diet Plan: Do not make this mistake in the pursuit of weight loss, serious diseases can happen

Keto Diet Plan: To stay healthy, everyone is becoming aware about their lifestyle and food. But people whose weight has increased a lot, they are ready to go to any extent in the pursuit of looking slim fit.

Keto Diet PlanTo stay healthy, everyone is becoming aware about their lifestyle and food. But people whose weight has increased a lot, they are ready to go to any extent in the pursuit of looking slim fit. Whereas to lose weight, information about diet plan and physical activity should be taken only after consulting a doctor. In the event of not being aware of what is important and what is not for the body, do not be careless even by forgetting. People who are overweight, who are obese, who have more body fat, they make many mistakes to lose weight in a hurry. like-

Some people stop eating and drinking for one time and go to bed hungry at night.
Some people do so much workout and cardio, that they lose their muscles.
Some people are confused about losing weight whether they want to do body building or fat loss.
Most people start following diets from the internet, which they think will be very healthy.

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Learn Keto Diet
Keto diet is also known as ketogenic diet, low-carb diet etc. In a normal diet, protein carb is high and protein is very low and fat is negligible, due to which most people remain unhealthy. But on the other hand, in the keto diet, everything is the opposite. In this the amount of carb is very low, the amount of fat is highest and the amount of protein is between fat and carb. It consists of butter and cream, cheese, meat, fatty fish, eggs, walnuts, almonds, oils, avocados, green vegetables and a variety of spices.

keto diet macro
Fat – 70 percent
Protein – 25 percent
Carbs – 5 percent

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Our body gets energy from carbs only, but in case there is no carbs in the body, it gets energy from fat and if there is no fat in the body, then it gives energy to the body by burning the muscles.

Keto diet is very much in trend among those who want to lose weight or stay slim fit. In fact, being a very low-carbohydrate diet, the keto diet leads to rapid weight loss. But experts have also called the keto diet the enemy of health. It has also alerted about the serious diseases caused by it. Recently a report was also published in ‘Frontiers in Nutrition’ and ‘Seven Medicine’ regarding this.

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Side Effects of Keto Diet
About 123 older studies were analyzed by institutions in the US and Canada. The researchers found that the ketogenic diet affects the functioning of metabolism as well as limiting carbohydrate consumption. The disadvantages of a ketogenic diet can be enormous. Due to some main components including meat, cheese, oil present in the keto diet, the body does not get nutrients. For this reason, people living on a keto diet are at increased risk of diseases.

The risk of these diseases from keto diet
Foods present in the keto diet can cause problems like colon cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. According to one study, ketogenic diet can also promote diseases like kidney or diabetes.

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diet on keto diet
To lose weight, people taking a keto diet have to avoid things that are high in carbs. In which one has to stay away from sugary food, whole grains, fruits, kidney beans, lentils, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and honey.


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