Bigg Boss OTT Day 38: Shamita Shetty cried seeing her mother, Prateek said – there is no friend like Neha

Bigg Boss contestants meet their family members, close friends. Prateek’s sister comes to the house. Shamita is overjoyed to find her mother Sunanda Shetty at home but then cries. His mother also cries. Shamita asks everything about the house to which Maa answers. After leaving the mother’s house, Rakesh comes out and hugs Shamita.

Prateik and Neha talk to each other. Prateek says you don’t talk. Neha says it is not so. Can’t she keep quiet? Neha tells Prateek what was his sister’s point of view. Prateek says that there is no friend like Neha in his life anymore.

Shamita, Rakesh and Neha have fun with each other. When Nishant asks, Prateek says that if Neha had not been married, they would have been dating. Nishant’s friends come to Vishal’s house. Vishal says that he is very happy about Nishant. Vishal comes with messages from Nishant’s family and reads them. Vishal says everyone is liking you guys outside.

After this Bigg Boss announces about today’s report card and tells that the audience is happy with the performance. Neha, Divya, Shamita, Rakesh talk amongst themselves. Shamita pulls Rakesh out and says something in his ear.

Then there is some tussle between Rakesh and Shamita. Both of them come inside and talk. Rakesh tells Shamita why she takes everything on her heart. Rakesh explains to Shamita that Divya is just a friend. No need to think much. There is only some time left, there is no need to expect too much from each other.

Prateek and Divya talk to each other. Prateek says that whatever he has spoken, he has spoken it on his face. Both talk about Neha. Prateek says that Neha has supported him and he cannot cheat on him. Both call each other best of luck.

After this Prateek and Neha talk. Prateek says that he is very scared of the relationship. Neha gets angry at Prateek’s words. Neha says today is too much. It’s not a garbage can. Prateek says listen to Neha. Neha says that she felt very bad.

Neha tells Prateek that if the mind goes crazy, she will move on and make him free too. Prateek says you are understanding wrongly. Prateek says that if you do not understand, then you can break the connection. Neha says this is happening more and he (Pratik) gets hyper very quickly. Stay connected with Navbharat Times for further updates….


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