This stronghold of Afghanistan where the Taliban could never capture, even the Soviet army did not dare

In Afghanistan, most parts of the country, including Kabul, have been captured by the Taliban. Despite this, there are many such areas where people are raising the flag of rebellion against this dreaded terrorist organization. One of these is the Panjshir Valley, the stronghold of Ahmed Shah Masood, a former commander of the Northern Alliance. This valley, located near the capital Kabul, is so dangerous that it has never been captured by the Taliban from 1980 to 2021. Not only this, the Soviet Union and the US military have also carried out only air strikes in this area, due to the geographical location, they also never took any ground action.

Vice President Saleh hiding in this area
Amrullah Saleh, the Vice President of Afghanistan, also comes from this area. On Sunday, he tweeted and said that I will never bow down to Taliban terrorists under any circumstances. I will never betray the spirit and legacy of our hero Ahmed Shah Masood, Commander, Legend and Guide. I will not disappoint the millions of people who listened to me. I will never be under one roof with the Taliban. never.

Could become a big headache for Taliban
On the one hand, President Ashraf Ghani fled the country after the Taliban’s capture of Kabul. At the same time, Vice President Amrullah Saleh went to his stronghold i.e. Panjshir province. A picture of him has also come in which Saleh is seen sitting and talking with many people. It is believed that the flag of insurgency against the Taliban can be raised from here. The Northern Alliance has been waging war against the Taliban since its inception. In such a situation, now Amrullah Saleh can take the place of his commander Ahmed Shah Masood.

Panjshir 03

at Panjshir Taliban Couldn’t capture till date
When the Taliban launched attacks on the provinces of Afghanistan in early July, they won many places without resistance. It is being told that news was spread among the soldiers of the Afghan National Army that the top military commanders have reached an agreement with the Taliban. The lack of communication and the lack of weapons also made the soldiers believe in it. For this reason, the soldiers of the Afghan army surrendered to the Taliban without firing a single bullet in many areas. However, Panjshir is the only province that is still out of Taliban control.

The Soviet army could not even enter
This valley in north-central Afghanistan was never occupied by the Soviet Union in the 1970s or the Taliban in the 1990s. Ahmad Shah Masood, often referred to as Sher-i-Panjshir, was the greatest commander of the region. Its geographical structure is such that no army can muster the courage to enter this area. Surrounded by high mountains on all sides, this area has a plain in the middle. Where the maze is not easy to understand for everyone.

Ahmad Shah Massoud

Ahmed Shah Masood was the hero of the Afghans
Ahmed Shah Masood achieved great prestige during his conflict with the Taliban in the 1990s. India has also been helping them. It is said that once when Ahmad Shah Masood was badly injured in a Taliban attack, India airlifted him and treated him at Farkhor airbase in Tajikistan. It is also India’s first foreign military base. It was established by India especially to help the Northern Alliance.

Panjshir 01

Panjshir Province


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