Now Air Force on mission again… Globemaster left for Kabul to save his loved ones from the clutches of Taliban


  • After 20 years, Taliban rule is again in Afghanistan
  • There is chaos at Kabul airport, millions want to leave the country
  • Many Indians also trapped in Afghanistan, efforts are on to get them out
  • Indian Air Force has sent two C-17 Globemaster planes to Kabul

New Delhi
The situation in Kabul has gone from bad to worse as the Taliban take control. Many Indians are also stranded in Afghanistan, although the government has not given their number due to security reasons. Two C-17 Globemaster aircraft of the IAF have been deployed to bring them back. One of them took off on Sunday night and reached India on Monday morning with some passengers from Kabul. The second plane took off from Kabul on Tuesday morning carrying about 130 people. Sources said that both these aircraft will make several rounds of Kabul now.

The government said in a statement that it is in touch with Indian nationals who wish to return. Apart from this, the government is also contacting the representatives of the Afghan Sikh and Hindu community. The Foreign Ministry said, “Those who want to leave Afghanistan, we will help them to come to India.”

Air Force became an angel once again
Whenever Indians are caught in such a crisis abroad, the Air Force reaches their help. Whether it was the period of Kovid-19 epidemic or ‘Operation Rahat’ during the Yemen crisis… the Indian Air Force has evacuated its loved ones. Be it ‘Operation Maitri’ in Nepal, evacuation of Indians after a suicide attack in Belgium or rescuing loved ones from the Libyan Civil War, the IAF has lived up to its trust every time.

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Government reluctant with military operation?
India said that the movement of commercial flights from Kabul Airport has been suspended on Monday. This has hindered the evacuation of people from there. “We await the resumption of flights to resume the process,” the statement said. The statement indicated that the government was not sure that a military rescue operation could be launched. Sources said that there is a lot of uncertainty in Kabul in terms of carrying out such an operation. Yet none of the options has been ruled out.

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India in no mood to close the embassy
The statement of the Center also indicates that it is not thinking of closing the embassy even temporarily. Afghan citizens who have helped India’s development programs will see it as a hoax. India has the option to reduce its diplomatic presence or run the embassy for a few days relying on local staff. A decision on this may be taken in the next few days.

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The government has said that it is closely monitoring the situation in Afghanistan. “We have issued a list of emergency numbers and are reaching out to the public. We are aware that there are still some Indians in Afghanistan who want to return and we are in touch with them,” the statement said.

India sent two C-17 Globemasters to Kabul.


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