Kabul: Why is the speech of India closed?

Dr. Vedapratap Vaidik

For the past two weeks I have been writing and speaking on TV channels that Kabul is about to be captured by the Taliban but I wonder why our Prime Minister’s Office, our Foreign Ministry and our Intelligence Department have been found sleeping till date ? Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a very lengthy speech from the Red Fort and on 15 August, while his speech was going on, the Taliban were capturing Kabul’s palace (Kakhe-Gulistan) but it did not seem that India had the slightest chance. He is worried too.

If there is any upheaval in Afghanistan, it affects Pakistan and India the most, but it seemed that India is snoring while Pakistan is playing its pieces with great skill. On the one hand it is opposing the bloodshed and welcoming leaders of supporters of former President Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani to Islamabad and on the other hand it is busy helping the Taliban with body, mind and money, but the latest news is this It is now that he is trying to form a joint government in Kabul. But the speech of India is completely closed. He has not been able to bring even one and a half thousand of his citizens to India. He is the chairman of the Security Council, but under his leadership all the members kept on spending money.

My suggestion was that on the very first day of his presidency, India had to pass a resolution to send a UN peacekeeping force to Afghanistan. He can still do this work. How surprising that the Mujahideen and Taliban who killed thousands of Russian and American soldiers and destroyed their billions and trillions of rupees, they are talking directly to Taliban but the incompetence and inaction of our government is astonishing. Modi should know that Taliban leader Mullah Omar had directly helped us in getting our hijacked ship out of Kandahar in 1999. I met Pir Galani in London at the behest of Prime Minister Atalji, I made direct contact with Abdul Hakim Mujahid, the Taliban ambassador in Washington and Mullah Omar in Kandahar, and our ship was abandoned by the Taliban.

Taliban are deeply indebted to Pakistan but they are not enemies of India. He has acknowledged India’s construction work in Afghanistan and described Kashmir as an internal matter of India. Hamid Karzai and Dr. Abdullah are our friends. If they are talking directly to Taliban then who is stopping us? America has laid out its chess very cleverly but we do not have both. No chess, no cleverness!

(The author is an expert on Pak-Afghan affairs)

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are those of the author.

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