‘If he goes there, he will kill’, Afghan Special Forces personnel came to India after fleeing, frying French fries in Delhi


  • The soldier who was in the Special Forces of Afghanistan now lives in India
  • Umaid came to India five months ago, small shop in Lajpat Nagar
  • When I saw all my friends dying after consuming bullets, they ran away and came here.
  • Said- I miss the country a lot but I am compelled, India is good but…

New Delhi
Life in Delhi is not easy for Umaid, who came to India from Afghanistan five months ago. He says, was in special force and now I am frying french fries in Lajpat Nagar. I earn Rs 300 a day. The trouble is I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Trying to learn Hindi. I want a good job but where and how to start, I do not have the answer to this question. Always remember those friends who died in fighting with Taliban. Mom and dad passed away in an accident only when I was two years old. The country cannot return, nothing is known about the future. Currently I am on refugee card.

‘If I go to Afghanistan, I will be killed’
Umaid, who works at a street food point in Lajpat Nagar, remembers the difficult days of his army after listening to the news of Afghanistan. He says, where was the deployment not done. Fighting Taliban, many killed. That’s why today I am on their black list. He has many videos of the mission. As soon as I go there, I will be killed immediately. Showing the marks of wounds in his head, hands, face, he says, just did not hit the bullet… the pellets peeled off. But saw all the friends die, eating bullets. Nothing was feeling good, the situation was bad there… To see loved ones dying is also to die. The government was unable to do anything, the Taliban were on top. If he did not run away, then there were only two options – either die or be tied to his army. Politics and terrorism are both dangerous.

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Umed says, parents were not there, so they grew up in a neighbor’s house. Joined the army at the age of 18. Spent ten years of life in running, fighting. Uncle is there but not made. He is in the Taliban army and I with the government. He says, I was born in Afghanistan, I miss my country a lot but I am helpless. India is good but there are difficulties here for an Afghani. It is difficult to get work, police, MCD everyone’s affair. There is another country, the rules are also different. There is house rent, there are other things. Right now I have a UNICEF card, what is the process and how to stay ahead, it is also a big task.

‘All the time this fear, Talibani should not reach the family’
A soldier who returned from Kabul four days ago says in his own language, “The situation there has been especially for the people of the Security Forces. I had to leave because of this. Many of my friends ran away somewhere. My family is from Kabul. Now I am trying from here to bring them here too. But it is difficult to get the visa work done now. The biggest fear is that Talibani may not reach my house. Every hour only wife and children are being taken care of. It will have to stay there for some time because it will have to be seen what their next step is. They have settled in Kabul. They have the security details. Talked to the family at night, they are scared. Not getting out The roads of Kabul are changing.

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‘Earlier the danger was 99%, but today it is 100%’
Now the army and the government will be the target of the Taliban, says Nouri from Afghanistan, who runs a small clothing shop in Saket. Those who have just come, have come. Now it is difficult for anyone to get a chance to come. I came here five years ago, out of awe. If they were with the government, they were on target. How many of the family have ended? And if I return in that era, the danger was 99%, and if I return now I will get 100% death. My family is still there with fear, half the family recently fled to Iran. The Taliban themselves are nothing, says Noori, but are destroying Afghanistan with the support of Pakistan. From above China, Russia is giving him weapons. And the children of our country are eating pills.

Umaid was once seen in uniform (left), now frying fries fries in Lajpat Nagar (Photo: Sunil Kataria)


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