Army informer became master mind of drone attacks… Pakistan had fled from Samba border

Govind Chauhan, Jammu
Jaish commander Ashiq Ahmed Nagroo is getting the drone attack happening in the state done. The agencies are getting this information. This thing is not being said officially yet, but it is clear from the evidence so far that Jaish commander Ashiq Nagru is involved in this.

Aashiq went to Pakistan in 2019
Jaish commander Ashiq Ahmed Nagroo went to Pakistan from Samba border in the year 2019. In this he was helped by Hidayatullah and Yasir. Came from Kashmir with his family in a car. After that he was sent to Pakistan from Samba border. Since then, he has been engaged in the work of strengthening the terrorist organization by sitting in Pakistan. Only after he went to Pakistan, cases of drones started coming to the fore. These things have also come to light during the interrogation of four Jaish terrorists arrested in Gangyal. Hidayatullah also admitted during interrogation that he had helped Nagroo to go to Pakistan.

Sensing danger, Pakistan ran away
According to the information, Aashiq Nagru was once an informer for the security forces. Nagru, a truck driver by profession, is a resident of Pulwama district, but later he became an active terrorist of Jaish. After making a lot of name in Kashmir, when he felt that he was in danger, he went to Pakistan. Now it is operating terrorist activities from Pakistan itself. Gangyal police arrested four terrorists. They have been identified as Muntazar Manzoor alias Saifullah, Izahar Khan alias Sonu Khan, Tosif Ahmed Shah alias Shaukat and Jagir Ahmed Butt. Two of them have been sent to jail. One is in JIC and one is lodged in police station lock-up.

Important information found in the inquiry
Many things have come to light during the interrogation of Jagir Ahmed. He has done many things in collaboration with terrorists in the past as well. When the police personnel had an encounter with the terrorists in Jhajjarkotli, his Alto car was also used at that time. The car which was driving in front of the truck in which the terrorists were traveling to do the recce was his own. Which was run by the brother of Aashiq Nagru, who was later arrested. Even when Aashiq Nagroo had to go to Pakistan, his own car was used.

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Drone case link is being linked to Nagroo
During the investigation of these cases, it is clear that Aashiq Nagru is involved in the drone cases that are happening these days, because he remains in contact with terrorists through social sites. Nagru, who has been a truck driver himself, has a lot of contact with truck drivers. So he takes the help of truck drivers to ship the goods and take the terrorists back and forth. A complete investigation is being done on this matter by the agencies. It is becoming completely clear that Nagroo is involved in the drone matters, which is running the whole affair from Pakistan.


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