SP MP supported the occupation of Taliban in Afghanistan, said- this is their fight for freedom


  • SP MP told Taliban fight in Afghanistan right
  • SP leader said – people there want freedom from America under the leadership of Taliban
  • Politics started after the statement of MP Shafiqur Rahman Burke, people protested

The power of Afghanistan has been captured by the Taliban. In the midst of the unstable and uncontrollable situation in the whole of Afghanistan, where India is trying to get its people back home safely, on the other hand some Indian politicians have started making statements in support of the Taliban’s attitude. Those who made the statement include people like Samajwadi Party MP Shafiqur Rahman, who takes the oath of democracy of this country and represents it in the Lok Sabha.

Making a statement in support of the Taliban on Monday, Burke described Taliban activities in Afghanistan as a fight for freedom. Burke said that the Taliban is fighting for the freedom of the Afghan people. Afghanistan’s independence is its own issue. Why the US rule in Afghanistan? The Taliban is the force there and the Afghan people want freedom under its leadership.

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Peace Party also supported
Apart from the SP MP, Shadab Chauhan, spokesperson of UP’s regional party Peace Party, also supported the Taliban, saying, ‘When the peace deal between America and Taliban was being done, the representative of India was present there. When the Indian government did not oppose that peace deal, then why should we take enmity with the government that will be formed in our neighboring country.

Audio of Delhi riots accused also went viral
Peace Party leader Faiz Ahmed Faizi was also seen joining in the same tone. Faizi said in his statement, ‘There has been a change of system, not a change of power in Afghanistan. Every citizen of the world has the right to fight for his freedom. It is not that there are only political people who support Taliban in India. Jamia’s ‘student’ and Delhi riots accused Asif Iqbal Tanha has also been included in the group of Taliban supporters. On Sunday, Iqbal and his accomplices were connected online and were openly expressing happiness over the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The matter has gained momentum after the audio clip went viral.

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Ministry of External Affairs engaged in rescuing Indians
Let us tell you that amidst the unstable conditions of Afghanistan, the Government of India has started mega rescue operations to evacuate its people present there. The government has put the Air Force in operation to provide help to the Indian people present in other cities of Afghanistan including Kabul. Indian Air Force’s C-17 aircraft has been deployed for the rescue of people. Indian government officials have said that the Ambassador of India and some mission officers are present in Afghanistan amid the recent situations. Apart from this, 150 ITBP personnel are also present in Kabul, who will be airlifted soon.

Shafiqur Rahman Burke


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