New event started for Battlegrounds Mobile India players, you will get these tremendous rewards

Battlegrounds Mobile India mobile game is nearing 50 million (5 crore) downloads and developer Krafton has announced a rewards event when it reaches this figure. The Indian avatar of PUBG Mobile was officially launched on July 2, but was made open to all players from mid-June. Since then the number of downloaders of the game has been increasing continuously and now it is going to reach 50 million on the Google Play store. Also note that the game is currently only available for Android users.

Krafton has announced a 50M Downloads Rewards event for Battlegrounds Mobile India with the intention of reaching 50 million downloads. The event has three milestones – 48 million, 49 million and finally 50 million downloads. Players will receive three pieces of Supply Coupon Crate Scrap upon reaching 48 million downloads. 49 million will get three pieces of Classic Coupon Crate Scrap and get a Galaxy Messenger set outfit when 50 million downloads are reached. This outfit will be permanent.

These rewards will be available in the in-game events section. Once Battlegrounds Mobile India reaches these milestones, rewards will be automatically unlocked. The reward of 50 million downloads can be redeemed within a month. Interestingly, Krafton says that it’s “all Indian players will get these rewards, regardless of which OS they’re on,” indicating that when the game releases on iOS, players will be able to redeem all these rewards. Will be able

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s iOS release is in the works, but there isn’t much clarity at the moment about when it will launch on the Apple operating system. As of now, Battlegrounds Mobile India stands at 46 million downloads. Given the speed at which it is growing, it shouldn’t take long to reach the 48 million milestone.

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