Azani is India’s first electric supercar to run 523 km on a single charge, know everything about it

Bengaluru-based Mean Metal Motors has announced the Azani, India’s first electric supercar. It is much more powerful than the normal electric car and its range is also tremendous. Not only this, the new car will remind you of McLaren and Ferrari. The aerodynamics of the car is designed in such a way that it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.1 seconds. If you are thinking that this is its only specialty, then you are wrong. The Azani electric car can cover a distance of 523 km on a single charge. Let us know everything about this electric supercar.

Mean Metal Motors Tweet The Azani was announced as India’s first electric supercar. Being an Indian company, it is getting tremendous response on social media. At present, the company has not given any concrete information about its launch, but if it comes with the same power and design, then it will definitely have the power to give a good competition to the electric cars of Tesla and Audi.

The Azani’s design seems to be heavily inspired by supercars from McLaren and Ferrari. Looking at it, it does not seem that this car will be electric at all. This design will attract the younger generation very much at first glance. Its aerodynamics will prove to be very effective in helping it to accelerate to high speeds and at the same time keep the car stable.

Talking about power, the Azani motor is capable of generating 1000 hp of max power and 1000 Nm of peak torque. Thanks to this, the car can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles in just 2.1 seconds. The company also claims that its top speed is 355 kmph.

The car has a battery pack of 120kWh capacity, but no information has been shared about how long it will charge. As we mentioned, the car is said to be capable of covering a distance of 523 km on a single charge. It will be given ventilated carbon braking and will also be equipped with an augmented reality display. The car will come with adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, collagen avoidance system and advanced artificial intelligence module.


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