Mary Kom Dress Controversy: ‘Kom was fine but Mary Kom was not’ how the controversy over the jersey in the Olympics, what the rules say

Some Indian boxers at the Olympics had a controversy over their name and the country’s not being named in their dress, with veteran MC Mary Kom also alleging that they were forced to change their outfit minutes before their last-16 bout without proper explanation from the organisers. Had given. When Mary Kom entered the ring on Thursday and then Lovlina Borgohain on Friday, neither her name nor the country’s name was behind her dress.

After losing her match 2-3 in the pre-quarterfinal match, Mary Kom said, “It was a bit disturbing that they asked me to change my dress just five minutes before the bout.” In fact, my name had already been announced at that time. “I believe it was a deliberate act to harass me,” he said. I had won the match in the first round in a similar outfit. There too my name was written as Mary Kom and Bharat.

The root of the controversy came to light after a conversation with Indian Boxing’s High Performance Director Santiago Nieva, and a review of the International Olympic Committee’s rules. Nieva said, ‘Boxers are allowed to use their surname or given name on the costume. So if he had a com on his back, there would have been no problem or even just the mange was fine.
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He said, ‘He was not allowed to wear the clothes written in Mary Kom. Same happened with Lovlina. His clothes should also have had Borgohain instead of the full name. Nieva said, ‘There is no big problem in this. We have ordered a new dress for Lovlina. She will wear the same in the semifinals. Mary Kom’s complaint was that she was forced to change clothes just before the match without informing Karan.

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Nieva said that it is not a big issue as a team. ‘Look, as long as you are not being stopped from entering the ring, there is no problem.’ Regarding dress, IOC rules state that ‘the name of the athlete (family name) may be written on the back (back) of the dress’ and the national flag or emblem of the National Olympic Committee shall be placed ‘on the vest, shorts and skirt at designated places. use is allowed.


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