How many illegal temples, religious structures like mosques and dargahs in railway platforms and yards? information given by the government


  • There has been encroachment on railway properties across the country, the same view on the railway platform
  • Religious structures have been erected on some railway platforms which are difficult to remove
  • The Railway Minister has said in the information given to the Rajya Sabha that these religious structures have been around for a long time.

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There have been encroachments and illegal occupation of railway properties across the country. Even the railway platforms have not been spared and religious structures of different religions have been erected there. Surprisingly, there are not one or two or a dozen such cases, but more than one and a half hundred such cases. The government said that a total of 179 illegal religious structures exist in various railway platforms and yards in the country.

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said in a written reply to a question that these religious structures are in the form of temples, mosques, dargahs etc. and have been in existence for a long time. The Minister gave this information to the Rajya Sabha today. “A total of 179 illegal religious structures are present on platforms and in yards across all railway zones. These religious structures are in the form of temples, mosques, dargahs etc. and have been in existence for a long time.’

He said that the details of these religious structures have been recorded and they are being monitored regularly to ensure that these structures are not further expanded. He said that efforts have been made on behalf of the Railway Administration with the cooperation of Railway Protection Force (RPF) and local administration and Government Railway Police (GRP) to remove these illegal religious structures from all stations, platforms and yards. .

The Railway Minister said, “However, the railway administration often has to face mass agitations in the removal of these religious structures and being a law and order issue, these encroachments can be removed without the cooperation of the state government.” It is difficult to remove, which is found to be lacking in many cases.

He said that apart from this, Railways also makes efforts to settle the matters amicably by persuading the members of the Religious Structure Committees to shift these religious structures to some other place outside the railway zone. However, with strict vigilance and monitoring, the expansion of these illegal religious structures has been stopped.


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