From cash prizes to cows to those who get corona vaccine, attractive offers are being given in many countries

Governments are offering many attractive offers to bring people to vaccination centers in many countries amid the increasing threat of Delta variants of Corona.

New Delhi. Vaccine is believed to be the biggest weapon to protect against the havoc of the Delta variant of coronavirus. This is the reason why every country is emphasizing on maximum vaccination. Many steps are being taken continuously to increase the speed of vaccination in India.

At the same time, many types of temptations are also being given in many countries to increase awareness about the vaccine among the people. Somewhere a cash reward and somewhere a cow is also being given for getting the vaccine. Know about some such countries which are giving special offers to those who get the vaccine.

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Many countries are working to increase the speed of vaccination. Some are giving cash money for this and some are giving cows. Along with this, things like beer, shopping coupons, ice cream are being lured. In many countries including America, cases of infection are increasing continuously due to the delta variant of Corona. In such a situation, governments around the world are making every effort to bring more and more people to the vaccine center.

Seven and a half thousand cash on the first dose in the US
Amidst the increasing delta variants in America, the government is giving about $ 100 i.e. seven and a half thousand cash to those who get the first dose of the vaccine.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced this money. At the same time, from a million dollar lottery to a free lottery in many states, there is also a chance to win beer, pastries.

eggs being given free in china
The government is also taking continuous steps to promote vaccination in China. Free eggs are being given to bring people to the vaccine centers. Along with this, schemes like store coupons and discounts on ration items are included. After a slow start, China is now administering millions of vaccines a day to its citizens.

chance to win cow in this country
The government of Thailand is also making a lot of efforts to encourage people towards the vaccine amid the increasing threat of corona. The efforts of the government are also paying off and now the number of people has started increasing at the centres. In fact, the government of Thailand is giving a chance to those who get the vaccine to win the cow. In such a situation, a large number of people are reaching the vaccination center.

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Cash prize along with other prizes
The government of Serbia has launched a special campaign to get the corona vaccine. Under this, people who get vaccinated are being given about $ 30 in cash. Apart from these, some awards have also been kept there.


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