Watch Video: China’s plant exploded so loudly, people thought the atomic bomb exploded

Accidents are happening one after the other due to the terrible floods in China. A video of water filling inside a metro train in Henan province of China surfaced and now a video of a horrific explosion has also been shared here. According to reports, it exploded when the walls of a plant collapsed due to flood waters. How terrible this explosion was, it is known from the video, it also seems from the fact that the fear of the atomic bomb falling among the people around.

According to the information, this explosion took place at an aluminum plant in Henan province. The rain water had reached a part of it, causing the blast at 6 am. However, earlier the plant was evacuated at 4 am in view of the flow of the nearby Ying River. Hence, there is no report of any injury in the accident. The walls of the plant collapsed due to flood waters and subsequent explosions also damaged it.

The blast was so strong that its impact was felt in the surrounding areas. Many people have spoken of breaking the windows of the houses. The flames emanating from it could also be seen from a distance. Hearing this, people felt that there was no nuclear attack.


Flood havoc in many areas
At least 12 people have died in flood-related incidents in China’s central Henan province and nearly 100,000 have been evacuated. A video shared earlier showed that a metro train was flooded with water reaching the throats of passengers. It is being told that this video is from Zhengzhoudong station in Henan.

Metro train submerged in severe floods in China, water filled up to the neck of passengers, watch horrifying video
At the same time, 13 workers trapped in a flooded tunnel at a construction site in China’s southern Guangdong province have died since last week. More than 2,400 rescue workers and over 200 rescue vehicles were sent to the scene


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