UAE’s ‘absconding’ princess was victim of Pegasus, commandos were taken away from Goa coast


  • UAE Princess Latifa was imprisoned by her father Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid
  • Latifah tried to escape by sea with the help of a friend but was caught near the Goa coast
  • Princess Latifah’s phone number was included in the Pegasus spy list and was caught from it

Princess Latifa of the United Arab Emirates, who aspired to breathe the ‘open air’ of Western countries, was imprisoned by her father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Princess Latifah, daughter of UAE Vice President Maktoum, tried to escape by sea with the help of a friend but was taken away by commandos off India’s Goa coast. The Indian Navy was accused of this. Now in this case, it has been revealed that the phone number of Princess Latifah was also included in the spy list of Pegasus and it is believed that due to this the location of her phone was found in the Arabian Sea.

Not only this, the number of Latifa’s stepmother Princess Haya bint al-Hussein has also been found in Pegasus’s spy list. Princess Haya also tried to escape from the UAE. Israeli company NSO claims that this software has been created to deal with terrorism and has sold it to many governments of the world including Saudi Arabia, India. This Israeli software was used by a powerful father to spy on his daughter and wife.


Haya’s alleged relationship with his British bodyguard
According to the Washington Post, Latifah’s mobile number came on Pegasus’ watch list in 2018. Princess Haya’s number came in the year 2019. Princess Haya allegedly had an affair with her British bodyguard. In the year 2018, Princess Latifa made her first attempt to escape from the UAE and her boat was caught at sea and brought back to the UAE. In the year 2019, Princess Haya fled to London after a relationship with her bodyguard.

Princess Haya refused to return to the UAE and sued in the London High Court to take over the responsibility of raising the children, which she won. Amnest International said that when Latifah ran away from home, her phone number was put under surveillance through Pegasus software. He said that because of this software, Latifah got caught. During this time she was very close to the Goa coast in the Arabian Sea.


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