Russia: Police Chief’s luxurious ‘palace’, gold toilet, chandelier in the bathroom … was running the ‘mafia gang’ of bribery

A police chief in Russia prepared his house by making it like a luxurious palace. It includes every Ash-O-Aram. Even the toilet is made of gold. Now this hi-fi life of his has been exposed. Police Colonel Alexei Safonov in the Stavropol region has been arrested along with 35 of his officers for running a mafia gang. In total 80 raids have found evidence of bribe of two lakh pounds i.e. at least two crore rupees.

Investigators say Safonov’s gang used to extort money from drivers. By this way, he had prepared his bungalow and lifestyle. Gold-plated toilets, bides and sinks are visible in the pictures shared by anti-corruption officials of Safonov’s house. The floor and walls are marbled and the bathroom cabinetry is also golden.

Photo: east2westnews


The second bathroom also has a Sona shower cubicle and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Gold stairs, luxurious bed frames, wall art can be seen throughout the house. In this house from sauna to billiards room. Investigators say Safonov and his accomplices extorted money from local drivers and sold passes to truck drivers to bypass safety checks.

They also used to sell fancy number plates. Besides Safonov, 6 more members have been arrested. These include current and former traffic inspectors as well. It is being told that they can be jailed for up to 15 years.


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