Rachcha booked Ravi badly .. Brahmaji who pulled the anchor in the middle


  • Brahmaji hustle on social media
  • Rachcha is the actor who cast Ravi
  • Rachcha Ravi along with that anchor

Everyone knows how active Brahmaji is on social media. His leap on social media is on a different level than the satires and comedy he puts on the screen. Such Brahmaji is played by a range of celebrities on social media. Everyone is fed up with his counters. Responds satirically to events in the community. Meanwhile, the Hyderabad floods were countered. This led to large-scale trolling of Brahmaji.

The setbacks were laid on the first wave, the lockdown conditions of the day. This is how Brahmaji plays netizens on social media. Respond to celebrity posts. Brahmaji counters on posts made by artists, big or small. The punch made by a netizen mentioning caste yesterday impressed everyone.

‘Anna, I belong to our community. I love the film industry. I really want you to give me a chance to play a role in any small opportunity on your behalf ‘, Brahmaji commented under the profile photo. However, Brahmaji gave a shocking counter to the netizens. “I am Indian .. Telugu .. that is my community,” he replied.


But another counter by Brahmaji is now going viral. Brahmaji satire on a post by Rachcha Ravi. Rachcha Ravi, who was involved in an event .. when will such days come again .. when will he meet you? But Brahmaji countered by having anchor Geeta Bhagat next to him in that photo.

Looking forward to seeing you soon … Brahmaji’s counter on Rachcha Ravi’s post is going viral. Who? What about the ones next to you? Brahmaji posted a link to Rachcha Ravi and the anchor. This comment is currently going viral.


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