Pegasus Case: Appeal to Supreme Court to conduct SIT probe into Pegasus espionage case under its supervision


  • Petition filed in Supreme Court regarding investigation of Pegasus espionage case
  • The petitioner said that the Supreme Court should conduct the investigation under its supervision.
  • The petition states that even if espionage is legal, the country is in danger

New Delhi
The Pegasus espionage case has reached the country’s highest court. A request has been made to the Supreme Court of the country to conduct a SIT investigation under its supervision into this espionage case. Lawyer ML Sharma has filed an application in the top court saying that the espionage scandal has attacked Indian democracy. He claimed that the issue of security of the country and independence of the judiciary was involved in this.

Referring to sections of the constitution and penal code

The petition said that the Pegasus incident is a matter of deep concern and it is a serious attack on Indian democracy, judiciary and the security of the country. The petitioner said that it is morally wrong to conduct surveillance on a “wide scale and without any accountability”. He said that spyware has been used extensively. The petitioner asked that if the Pegasus spyware is purchased by the Central Government, is it not a violation of Articles 266(3), 267(2) and 283(2)? Isn’t a case under section 408, 409 and 120B of IPC made out?

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spying is a violation of human rights

The petitioner has said that surveillance technology is being used extensively and it is a matter of global security and human rights. It has had an impact all over the world. Pegasus is not only a surveillance tool but it is also a cyber weapon. Even if espionage is legal, it is still a threat to national security. It said, ‘Pegasus is not the only monitoring tool. It is a cyber-weapon that is being used against the Indian government machinery. Even if it is official (which is doubtful), the use of Pegasus poses a threat to national security.

Petitioner also argued

Petitioner ML Sharma said, ‘Privacy is not a desire to hide anything. It is such a place of our own, where our thoughts and our existence are not the means of any other purpose. It is an essential element for dignity.’ The petition states that Pegasus is not only used for listening to conversations, but through its use, complete digital information about a person’s life is acquired and this not only renders the owner of the phone helpless, but also his contacts. Everyone on the list feels that way.

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50 thousand people have come on target?

The PIL has claimed that it is being told that customers of NSO Group Company have targeted around 50,000 phone numbers since 2016. It has been said in the application that a direction should be issued to constitute the SIT under the supervision of the Supreme Court. Investigate the Pegasus scandal and take action against whoever bought the Pegasus spyware.

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Demand for formation of SIT
The petition has requested that in order to investigate the incident and to serve the political interest, the ministers and all the accused who have been accused of allegedly spying on judges, opposition leaders, political people, activists, advisers and others since 2017 and buying Pegasus. SIT should be constituted under the supervision of the apex court to investigate and prosecute. The petition has sought to declare the purchase of Pegasus for espionage illegal and unconstitutional.

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Supreme Court

Pegasus espionage case reaches Supreme Court.


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