Gehna Vashisht claims – I got rape and death threats, police is not registering complaint

In the pornography case, accused actress Gehana Vasishth’s flat in Malvani, Mumbai has been illegally occupied. The actress has claimed that those who have occupied the flat are threatening to kill her and rape her. Gehana Vashistha is horrified by this incident, but at the same time angry that the police is not registering her complaint despite repeated attempts.

Gehana Vashistha has now released a video appealing to Malvani Police, Mumbai Police and Joint Commissioner to register their complaint and help. Gehna Vashisht told that in the year 2018, he had bought a flat in Malvani number 8, which he had given on rent with the help of a broker. But recently he came to know that his flat has been illegally occupied.

Gehana Vashistha narrated her ordeal

In the video, Gehna Vashisht narrating the entire incident said, ‘I have a flat in Malvani number 8 which comes under Malvani 5 police post. I bought this flat in 2018. Since I do not live there, I had to rent the flat. A broker named Waseem comes and meets me and says that ma’am, I live here. Should I rent your flat? You give me one month’s brokerage. I said okay. I gave that flat to Wasim and he gave it to a lady named Sujata Shetty. I said okay let’s go.’

Broker gave flat to Sujatha Shetty, rent not received

Gehna Vashisht is further saying, ‘Last year when the lockdown was going on, they did not pay me rent for 5 months. Said that I have a problem, I will give it to you later. I said okay. Later I renewed my rent agreement with Sujatha Shetty and the broker was Wasim. Rented the flat. Again I got rent for 2-3 months and didn’t come after that. When I asked, it was told that ma’am will come in a few days. In January, suddenly I got a call from my secretary that ma’am some unknown people are living in your flat. Come see me and talk. I first went to Malwani police post and told them the whole situation. On this he said that you give it in writing.

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‘If seen again, I will rape, kill me’
Gehana Vashistha is also saddened that the police also refused to write her complaint in this matter. At the same time, people living in his flat are threatening to kill him and are saying, ‘If you are seen here again, you will rape too. They will also prick you and bury you in such a ground that your dead body will not be found anywhere.


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‘I was about to tear my clothes, I got out of there’
In the video, Gehana Vashisht further said, ‘I went to Malvani’s flat and there I saw a man named Shoaib and there were many people apart from three or four women. He started running away from me and started saying who are you? Why have you come here? When I said that this is my flat, they said, ‘This is your flat? Uproot what is to be uprooted. Take away your flat from us. If you don’t have the guts, do whatever you want to do. If you are not seen here again, I will rape you too. They will also prick you and bury you in such a ground that your dead body will not be found anywhere. I got out of there scared and went to the broker Wasim and asked him what was all this. Wasim and his family members also did the same thing to me. Those people were about to tear my clothes. I left from there and went to the police post. Told everything but they are not writing my complaint.

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Jewel claim – flat and trying to extort money by trapping

Gehana Vashistha said that she has all the papers of her flat. He also has the papers of the loan he had taken from the bank for this. But the woman named Sujata Shetty, who was given her flat, got fake papers made. Gehana Vashistha says that an attempt is being made to extort the flat and money by falsely implicating her.

Please tell that Gehana Vashisht was arrested a few months ago in connection with a porn video shoot. Gehna was released from Byculla prison on June 19 after 5 months of her arrest due to serious illness. Recently, he reacted to the arrest of Raj Kundra in the porn film case and said that Raj was not making porn videos but he was all erotica, just like Ekta Kapoor makes ‘Gandi Baat’.


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