Anasuya: Do not hide yourself in me .. Do not compare me with you in the car Zabardast beauty wise !!

Anchor Anasuya, who is emerging as a formidable beauty on television, is also making waves on social media. This beauty who is increasing her following by posting her fresh looks from time to time .. is also making her mark on the silver screen. While it has been raining non-stop in Hyderabad for the last two days .. this muddugumma left a comment in her own style. The post went viral with the addition of a photo of a cozy driver in the car.

Anasuya posted verses from a song written by renowned author Sirivennela Sitarama Shastri. ” Like the mother of childhood .. Do not hide yourself in me .. Do not compare me with you .. Do not compare me with you .. In the words of the lips .. In the storytelling that plays the words .. In the worries that wet the eyes .. In the atom of you .. If you wake up I am like a poet .. ‘ She added the hashtag ‘Rain Lover’ posted. This post is going viral. Netizens are commenting that it is full enjoyment.
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Anasuya, who made her acting debut in the film ‘Rangasthalam’, is taking a series of offers after that. She also starred in suspense thriller films like “The Moment, The Narrative” and recently did a challenging role in the film “Thank You Brother”. Currently Sukumar-Allu Arjun are playing a pivotal role in the upcoming film ‘Pushpa’ in combo. In addition, five other projects are in the hands of Anasuya.



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