My caste is the same .. Brahmaji who gave a shock to the netizens .. Matallev to that Sanghpodi

‘No morality or race can be built on the foundations of caste,’ said the eminent Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. But now it is the caste that rules Indian politics. Without mentioning Mavadu .. Makulam .. one can also understand the situation of electing a Panchayat Board member or how politics is affected.

This caste system is not just in politics .. it is ingrained in all spheres. The caste also rules the film industry. The film industry is already in the hands of a few castes. Direct and indirect criticisms continue to be heard. The impression that our caste hero .. our caste producer .. our caste director .. is there in the industry. The formation of affection based on caste rather than on talent has continued over the years.

However, if there are some people who nurture this kulapiccini .. chal re chal kulamu gilamu no .. I am Indian, a kulapicca fan gave a shock to the actor Brahmaji.

Brahmaji, who is active on social media, responds to comments from netizens on his Facebook page. They also have good timing punches. Recently a netizen .. ‘Anna I belong to our community .. I like the film industry very much. I really want you to give me a chance to play a role in any small opportunity on your behalf ‘, Brahmaji commented under the profile photo.


However, Brahmaji gave a shocking counter to the netizens. “I am Indian .. Telugu .. that is my community,” he replied. If you want a chance, you have to ask, but .. Kulam Gilam Entra .. However, netizens are showering compliments that Brahmaji gave a furious reply and closed his mouth. But the twist here is that some people are still commenting on which caste you belong to.

Brahmaji Facebook post


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