Will you be punished if the rules are violated .. Twitter given to Kangana by Jhalak ..

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has been very active on social media along with recent movies. Apart from movies, she often posts on politics. The company permanently deleted Kangana’s Twitter account due to a hateful tweet in the order. The results of the Assembly elections in five states of the country were released on Sunday. Kangana’s tweets after the election results .. It seems that her account was deleted.

The BJP lost the elections in West Bengal. Kangana tweeted about this. She has been responding on social media in support of the BJP at the Center since time immemorial. Prime Minister Modi is targeting West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. It is reported that there were some violence-inspired tweets. Outraged, Twitter deleted her account.

A Twitter spokesman said: “We will take strict action against any offense that incites violence offline. We are permanently terminating this hateful and violent Twitter account, ”he said, adding that the rules apply to everyone.


Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account banned

But this is not the first time action has been taken against Kangana on social media. One of her tweets on the web series Thandav last year sparked outrage. Responding to Kangana’s tweet that “the time has come for the makers to step down for hurting religious sentiments”, Twitter imposed several restrictions on her account. “We prohibit content that targets one person, or seeks the death of another person, or against groups,” a Twitter spokesman said.

However, Kangana reacted positively. She was incensed that Twitter was trying to detain her. “In addition to my own industry film, there are many venues where my voice can be heard,” Kangana said.


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