Take these natural things for zinc and vitamin C.

Take these natural things for zinc and vitamin C.

Many people are consuming zinc and vitamins to fight infections during the corona period. For this, most doctors are prescribing vitamin and zinc tablets to patients. In such a situation, if you want, you can also supply zinc and vitamins in your body by consuming some natural things.

Let us tell you that everyone is currently taking vitamin C and zinc tablets to maintain their immunity and immunity. Meanwhile, we are telling you that with some things you can supply vitamins and zinc even without a pill.


According to experts, the consumption of spinach and beetroot increases the RBS level in your body. Which works to deliver oxygen to the lungs. In such a situation, you get relief from the problem of oxygen to some extent. Because you get iron from these natural foods. Due to which nitrous oxide increases the amount of oxygen in the blood that reaches the lungs. In such a situation, the oxygen level of the patient does not fall and he avoids the critical situation.

You can also eat spinach and beet soup at home. For this, you boil half kg beetroot and 1 kg spinach in a cooker for about 10 minutes. Then filter it and use it as a sup. You can add rock salt, lemon etc. according to taste. This will increase your immunity.

Let us tell you that beetroot is considered very beneficial for increasing blood in our body. It contains sufficient amount of iron. It activates red blood cells in the body. With this, our immunity increases.

Spinach contains sufficient amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Manganese, Iron. It is also beneficial for eyesight and maintains blood pressure as well. Thus, consuming both these substances is very beneficial for your body. It gives you zinc and vitamin C and it is also helpful in fighting diseases.


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