‘Sit at home and watch that video .. your fear of loss will be lost’ .. Manchu Lakshmi tweeted

In the second stage the corona epidemic is spreading in depth. With millions of cases being registered every day, there are claims that a lockdown should be imposed across the country once again. However, the government said that the lockdown was not the solution to the problem. They have repeatedly said that you should not come out of the wrong house if necessary. Doctors say the same thing.

Yet almost most people do not take proper precautions. Whether it is necessary or not, people are coming out of their houses. Most people do not wear masks. This seems to be the main reason for the spread of the corona. However, the celebrity is doing its part to create adequate awareness among the people. Everyone is kind enough to stay at home .. otherwise there are posts on social media except life threatening. Recently, Telugu actress Manchu Lakshmi also tweeted the same thing in her own way.


Many people are panicked by the articles coming in the media about the spread of corona. Some of the survivors also lost their lives on suspicion of having come before the corona arrived. Responding to this, Manchu Lakshmi tweeted, “Please stay at home and watch your wedding video. All other fears of being hurt will go away.”

Her followers react differently to this. Some are commenting that this advice is good .. Others are reacting by saying ‘we are not married yet and we should’. There have been criticisms on some tweets made by Manchu Lakshmi recently. Telangana Minister KTR tweeted that he should recover quickly after being infected with corona .. He wanted to watch his movies in his spare time. Fans satires on it. After that, she tweeted, “Can you take three shots in the morning and have a black coffee after that .. Just asking !!” and received criticism from netizens.


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