Know at what time of day electric vehicle charging will be the cheapest? Charging station tariff draft released

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Draft continues at the rates of charging station

New Delhi. If you have an electric vehicle or if you are planning to buy an electric vehicle due to rising petrol and diesel prices, then definitely read this news because after reading this you will know that the days to charge your vehicle Which time will be most beneficial for you. The Ministry of Power has released a new draft for the tariff model of charging stations. In this draft, time of the day tariff has been provided. According to the model, the charging charge by you will be decided on the basis of what time of day you are charging your vehicle.

What is the new tariff model

In the draft issued for National Electricity, some new provisions related to the model of tariffs for charging stations have been made. In this, the model of time of the day tariff will be adopted. Meaning, electricity rates will be different for different times of the day.

When will charging be most beneficial

According to a CNBC-Awaaz report, the rates will be entirely dependent on demand. Charging the vehicle at the busiest time will be the most expensive. Which is considered to be the evening period. That is, if you charge your vehicle at the station in the evening time, you will have to pay the highest amount. At the same time in the morning you will have to pay the lowest price. That is, if you want to save the charging money, then you have to reach the charging station in the morning.


Rates will be decided on the basis of demand
Electricity rates will be determined on the basis of demand and supply. Electricity rates may be different for public and private charging stations. In addition, aggregators using an environmentally friendly power source will be exempted. The draft has been issued and the Ministry of Power has sought opinion from all stakeholders. After which the rates will be implemented.

Where charging stations will be installed
The Delhi government has asked malls, hospitals, hotels and offices etc. to have a charging station on the basis of five percent of their parking, with a parking capacity of more than 100 vehicles. Time has been given till December to implement this. There are total 72 electric vehicle charging stations in Delhi, which is the highest among all states. The Delhi government is planning to install 500 charging stations in the next 6 months. The government’s plan is to build an electric vehicle charging station every three kilometers.

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