If there is a problem of acidity, then use these three things at home

If there is a problem of acidity, then use these three things at home

Due to acidity, there are many problems including chest irritation, sour belching, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, nervousness, head and stomach pain. Many times there is pain in the chest due to acidity. This makes people very upset. Because acidity is a very small problem. But its pain bothers the person. Today we will tell you some home remedies to get rid of it.

There are some home remedies you can take to remove acidity. So that you will not have acidity. And if there is a problem of acidity, then there will be immediate relief. These measures will not affect the acidity on your body.

Celery is like a panacea remedy to remove acidity. When the amount of acid in your stomach starts increasing. So there is acidity, you can overcome it by consuming celery. Because such properties are found in celery. Because of which it gives relief from acidity immediately. For this, you can eat half a teaspoon of celery and chew it with a pinch of salt. This will give instant relief. With this, soak one teaspoon of celery in water at night and filter it in the morning and drink it. This will also provide considerable relief.


Asafoetida is also a very good remedy to remove acidity. For this, drink a pinch of asafoetida with lukewarm water. This will provide immediate relief.

Coriander is also very beneficial to remove acidity. Soak dried coriander seeds in water overnight and consume it in the morning. This will remove acidity. You can also drink tea made of coriander. Juice made from fresh coriander leaves will also relieve the acidity problem.

Fennel is also one of the best ways to overcome the acidity problem. For this, you must eat half a teaspoon of fennel after eating every day. You can also drink fennel syrup in summer. And can also be eaten by mixing sugar candy with fennel. If you want, you can also add black salt to it. It is beneficial for you.

Thus, these home remedies are very beneficial to overcome the problem of acidity immediately. But even then, if your problem is not ending, you can also consult a doctor.


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