Don’t see so many snakes wrapped around each other on the tree, those with weak hearts, see this Viral Video

So many snakes are seen wrapped in trees on each other, the girl was shocked to see – watch video

A woman in Montana has managed to capture a rare scene of a snake ball of snakes on camera – but viewers on social media are more thrilled to see it. Many snakes on the tree clinging to each other and having intercourse (Ball of Mating Snakes). This type of incident is called a snake ball. This type of behavior is commonly seen in garter snakes, as in this video filmed by Cassie Morrissey.

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Cassie Morrissey of Billings, Montana, shared the video on Facebook this Friday, where many surprising and disturbing comments have been received on it. The video shows about a dozen snakes wrapped around each other.

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Morrissey said, “The ball is made up of almost all male snakes who are trying to mate with a female snake. It happens once per year in the spring and only one male has the opportunity to breed.”

There are many types of responses on Facebook. One user wrote, ‘Burn the entire forest.’ Another user wrote, ‘It looks very bad.’ The third Facebook user wrote, ‘This is awesome. I had only heard about it, but saw it today. Thank you for sharing the video.

According to Earth Touch News, the occurrence of snake balls is common throughout North America, but it is still very rare. Jeffrey Bayne, Collectors Manager of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, said, “If you see something like that, you’re lucky to see it.”


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