Coronation confirmed to 8 lions of Hyderabad zoological park!

Hyderabad, 4 May (Agency)

Under the first reported case, 8 Asiatic lions living in the zoological park have been found infected with Kovid-19. Rakesh Mishra, consultant at the CSIR-Cellular and Molecular Biology Center (CCMB) here, said on Tuesday that saliva samples of lions were thoroughly tested at the premier research institute. Mishra said, “The saliva samples of Asiatic lions were thoroughly tested and found to be infected. They live close by, so the infection must have spread in them. ” He explained, “We are now developing a method to examine their faeces samples. This method will be useful in the future, because it is not possible to sample the saliva of a wild animal every time. ” Mishra said that the virus found in the lions of Nehru zoological park is not of new form. He said, “They have mild symptoms and they are eating well and they are fine.” Replying to a question, Mishra said that animals are likely to be infected as they are mammals like humans.


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