Childish tears for the people of Hindupur .. Death cries no matter what they see .. Impatience with the government’s attitude that there is no reason


  • Corona second wave attack in the country
  • Thousands of survivors flocking to Gallo
  • Nandamuri Balakrishna who is emotional

The corona second wave is making a heroic boom in the country. Every day thousands of people are forced to bite the corona. On the one hand, the corona does not interfere with the vaccination program. The second stage corona collision looks the most dangerous compared to the first stage. Hindupuram MLA and Telugu Desam party leader Nandamuri Balakrishna expressed concern over the current situation. To this extent his comments on the AP government are going viral.

“The corona has claimed many lives and shattered their lives. Personal hygiene should be maintained to prevent anyone from escaping in such a catastrophic situation. The Minister also spoke to Collector DM & HO to provide better treatment at Hindupuram Kovid Hospital, keep ventilators ready and set up adequate staff. The loss of eight lives due to oxygen deprivation today is a very sad thing. While expressing profound sympathy to their families.


Whether the government is demanding Rs 25 lakh extra to support the families of those who lost their lives and support their families. Many lives are lost due to lack of precaution, lack of proper monitoring and lack of coordination among the authorities. The government has completely failed to provide proper medical facilities in the corona hospitals. The government is playing havoc with the lives of the people.
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That is why death cries are heard everywhere in the state today. Insecurity among the people has increased. Still the state government is demanding to keep its eyes open and provide proper medical facilities. Balakrishna became emotional saying “Stay home .. Stay safe”.


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