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There is no rule that the movie should be like this .. If the spectator comes out of the theater with a smile on his face after watching the movie .. Success is achieved. If you are watching the movie ‘Jatiratnalu’ .. the audience will not have a smile on their face .. Director Anudeep said that it would be good if they had the patience to laugh.

Out and Out comedy film ‘Jatiratnalu’ starring Naveen Polisetti, Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna in the lead roles is getting the audience in a frenzy. No matter which theater you look at, they are crowded with full collections. Finding tickets in Hyderabad has become skyrocketing. Not to mention the weekends though. The film is getting an amazing response from the audience. From start to finish, Golluna kept smiling. Logic, story, kakarakaya thing aside, the audience is enjoying the movie ‘Jati Ratnalu’ to the fullest.

However, director Anudeep, who received a flop with the first film ‘Pittagoda’, received a blockbuster hit with the second film. But behind his success lies seventeen years of hard work. This victory is not due to writing four jokes. His success included hunger and Krishnanagar hardships.

Anudeep’s friend, filmmaker Kittu Polu shared a tearful post on Facebook about his friend’s hardships. How did Anudeep get into the industry? What kind of trouble did he face? Kittu blindfolded how he finally succeeded. As per his Facebook post ..

Our ‘Swatimutyam’, ‘Animutyam’ is the real #jatiratnam #anudeepkv 😍😘

Bitter sweet life 2004-2021 Journey

Introduction to Anudeep:🤝
Anudeep was in the building next to us when I came to Hyderabad to study post graduation in 2005 .. Anudeep was in the building next to us … He was an occasional appearance but I don’t even know his name. By then we came there but Arnels never spoke … Once when I came home I told our friend … Array Monna The boy in the building next to our room came. His name is Anudeep Anta. I like movies. The film director came and copied something in the system. Said very nice.

I was overjoyed when I heard those words because I also loved movies since I was a child .. I went to their room to meet Anudeep immediately … but their friends said that he would come in a week when he came home … Yes I was a little disappointed .. A week later I went to my friend’s room While standing in front, our friend said that he was Anudeep .. Then Anudeep was going to the curry point and bringing curries .. (Already putting rice in the room) .. When he came closer I introduced him .. I also said that I like movies & direction .. Ask more I saw his ZERO short film and shot it very well in 2004. It is an assistant director’s story. , Shot very emotionally.

(A lot of people like that have been waiting for us since they came into cine life … we’ve been waiting for them too)

Anudeep Movies, Likes:🎬
Then slowly I got better connected to Anudeep’s words .. so our two journey started .. I went to their room .. he came to our room to get to know each other, watch movies and discuss movies .. Anudeep had already written some stories and bound me. Reader, who writes another version of dialogues super for movies seen in a book.

If you want to see the movie, all you have to do is release it on the nearby rtc x Roads .. walk three kilometers, stand in line for the tickets, get the tickets, go inside successfully and watch the movie, after watching the movie, Anudeep stands in the way of those who know what the movie looks like .. At least ten people play their opinion and ask the same for every movie, because I stand next to them and watch Anudeep .. Anudeep says that if the audience knows what kind of movies they like, we can make a good movie ..

Start walking three kilometers to the room again and buy curries on the way and go to the room and eat rice .. Once in a while two or three movies are released in one day we are at rtc x road all day … They watch so many movies .. Anudeep also likes Hindi movies very much at night Ten minutes before lunch, I would go to the Sai Raja Theater in Mushirabad and watch Hindi movies … (Before I was introduced to Anudeep watching four movies in a row) … The capacity of the drinkers at that time was like that .. (Now we are eating only one biryani three)

Anudeep Panchulu Laughs: 1
Talking fun while in the room .. Playing one by one with his punches, smiling and smiling and smirking and smirking and smirking and smirking and smirking and smirking and smiling and smiling and smiling and smiling and smiling and smiling and smiling and smiling ..
If you are with Anudeep, for a few days everyone will try to talk like him. Anudeep is special … (He seemed to be happy for that time …)

But one day it was learned that at such a young age, there were sufferings and tears behind Anudeep’s laughter.

Anudeep Flashback:😢 What Anudeep told me about himself on one occasion ..
I was a top student from school to degree. Everyone admired me. I got hundreds of marks in Maths. If everyone wanted to see me study and set me up for a big job at home, I would go to the movies. Nobody from the teachers to the family liked me. There were a lot of discussions. He came to Hyderabad and stayed at Narayanaguda saying that he would make a movie.


The one who goes to the cinema holding five rupees .. the one who can’t go at a higher rate because we don’t have the money to watch more movies because he is a filmmaker so he took a ticket of five rupees so we saw the Hindi Nayak movie made by director Shankar 13 which more times for Rani Mukherjee … He used to say a lot of things .. If he could not watch a lot of movies, he would have a friend in Vaishya Hostel who would go there with him and have a low rate meal for 11 / – full meals.

Then the money I got was gone. Once in a while, the stomach ache got worse. The one who could not stand it at all, ate alone and drank so that the water was free. For a few days, he saw hell. However, I did not go home, because I wish I could change my mind and come home. The water was flowing in the cunt but he covered it with his small smile and said like in his movie .. I already have emotion from inside me .. When did the laughing Anudeep become silent thinking that there is so much pain..sadly he did not even want anyone’s consolation.

By then he had developed an understanding of many things that were not enough for life..he has been talking so cleverly about how he has been learning to live ever since … even before the gems hit the ground running, that is, he never showed his pain in the face …

Anudeep Krishna Nagar Travel:🚌
He would occasionally go to Krishnanagar and tell me about the people he met, he would bring some books, he would read them, he would tell me to watch foreign movies, he would introduce me to the original books, foreign cinema, Anudeep … Until then, I did not know that there would be so many books but there would be movies like this … At that time we had Books which means Sithara, Swathi, Super Hit, Santosham Magazines, English Cinema means Earth Hero 007, Mummy, Titanic were all Telugu dubbed movies..😃 But there was a tremendous love and knowledge on Telugu cinema … even now ..

So I worked with Anudeep for his short films. Those who come to Krishna Nagar and say dubbing, there was no YouTube at all. They used to copy on DVDs. .But he used to travel from Ramnagar to Krishnanagar for opportunities to direct easily if he became an assistant director … So it was three years and by then my PG final year was over.

Anudeep shifted from Ramnagar to Krishnanagar .. Occasionally he would come there and tell me about the roommates movie world .. I also fixed that I should write exams and leave quickly … Then I told them at our house and went to the film industry (this is not about me .. but I come occasionally ) … I already have some acquaintances with Anudeep..I also went and rejoined with Anudeep.

Introducing some friends there Sai, Hakesh, Vangaveeti hero Sandeep, Madan, Shashi, Sarad, Joe, Samar, Vishnu, Nagraju Anna, Hari, Josh Ravi, Tagubothu Ramesh, Nani, Nagraju, Santu, Gautam, Karan, Chandu … Some are returning as artists, some are doing writing side work .. Some are directing so some are turning to opportunities as seperate … Already Anudeep has started looking for producers with the decision that he will do directing again and not so much.

I have to learn the work so I was looking for opportunities as an assistant director … We had a lot of trouble during this time of rotation but I can’t tell anyone why I should not tell anyone why I lost my job … I know Krishnanagar is a brand ambassador for hardships … but Krishna Nagar I mean, a feel, love..even if we don’t have a chance, they get up early in the morning, go to the fire on the road, drink tea near the R.R. Tiffin Center, wait for the shooting vehicles and go upstairs … when we see that the time comes, they go to the room.

Krishna Nagar is a dream world of “BEAUTIFUL HELL” … there are few who win..those who try to win..those who try. After that Anudeep worked as an assistant director for two films, one with me and the other differently. After that, Anudeep got the chance to direct for a few years.

Anudeep’s first film:🙄 Gate

It was a bitter experience for us .. It is better not to talk about it at all …

Anudeep “Jatiratnalu”: 💎💎💎
After suffering from the loss of his first film, he unexpectedly recovered and started writing a new story. In the process, Nagashwin was introduced to him. As he was already a fan of Anudeep’s missed call short film, he believed Anudeep and asked him to come to the office. Congratulations on the dream movie that encouraged me to write the story in the way I like and take the movie forward … Kittu is so happy to share his experiences with me from time to time. Kittu is definitely saying that this time we are going to be a super hit movie …. Also who can hit an unexpectedly big hit and show it to everyone Turned to his side ….

Anudeep Success:
Success did not come to Anudeep alone. There is a seventeen year expectation behind it, there are hardships, tears, debts, hunger, love, sacrifices … Until yesterday, there were days when some people looked down on her stories …. How many Anna insulted her stories? He went about his business as he pleased and today he has made a name for himself …

“Has ever changed from man to sage” is known only to those who have observed him deeply … (This story is different ‘It is irrelevant at the moment’) Love you Anudeep
Kittu polu


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